The “Workday Automations & Holiday Calendar” App is your all-in-one solution for time off requests, workload planning and automatic timeline calculation – including/excluding public holidays and weekends.

The automations calculate timelines and end dates of projects/tasks and take your local public holidays into consideration.
To see the details of all available automations, open the “Workday Automations” doc on the left or check out our step-by-step guide.

How does it work?

  • On the left side, you’ll find the board “Public Holidays”
  • Open the “Public Holidays” tab in the board and choose:
    • your country and county (optional)
    • the year and
    • which date or timeline column you want to use
  • Click on “Add to board” and the public holidays will be added automatically as items in a new group.
  • If you want to add more than one year, just follow the steps for each year. Each year and location will be created in a separate group for easier assignment (multiple locations for example).

Workload widget (Dashboard)

You can now include the days in every dashboard with workload widget:

  1. In the “Public Holidays” board, add all people to the specific public holiday via people column (assign people to item)
  2. Connect the “Public Holidays” board to your dashboard

If you have more than one location, simply add the items for the new country as well and assign the affected people.

Pro tip for multiple locations

If you have multiple locations, create a team for each location/country and assign the teams to the relevant public holiday items instead of individuals.

Example: create and assign “Team Bavaria” to all “Bayern, Germany” holiday items and the “Team England” to all “England, United Kingdom” holiday items.

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