Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy lies in our DNA and is one of the core values of Tower Apps | 100% GDPR compliant

Our company name says it all

Our logo represents the tower of a medieval castle which lies within the castle walls and was the most strongly defended point for the kingdom’s most valuable documents and treasures. It’s not an coincidence, that you can find the Royal Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

And this picture is in our head, when it comes to our client’s data and privacy here at Tower Apps.

Do you store my data?

We only store and process the absolute minimum amount of data we need for a specific app to work. In many cases, like for the “Holiday Calendar & Workday Automations” app, we don’t store any of your data outside of your own account.

You can find the app specific privacy description in the app’s documentation.

What about GDPR, EU and Germany?

The GDPR is one of the most comprehensive data protection laws in the world and provides an overarching framework for the processing of personal data in the EU.

Tower Apps is based in London with founders from the DACH region. We have extensive experience in the area of data security and privacy. Germany has one of the strictest privacy laws worldwide and this is the baseline for all our global clients.

Where’s my data hosted or processed?

If we need to store or process data outside of your account, the data is hosted on servers in the EU:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Companies like Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and SAP are using the same infrastructure, so you’re in a good neighbourhood.

I need more information

If you need more information around security and privacy, just open a ticket and we’re happy to help: Support